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Introducing SafetyGuard: Your Ultimate Profit and Loss Limit Setting Tool

SafetyGuard is your go-to solution for setting precise profit and loss limits, ensuring that your financial strategies stay on track. With a wide range of features designed to empower your trading experience, SafetyGuard is a must-have tool for traders of all levels.

Key Features:

  • Daily Limit: Take control of your daily trading performance by setting specific profit targets. SafetyGuard will help you stay disciplined and prevent overtrading.

  • Daily Stop Loss: Protect your capital with the Daily Stop Loss feature. Set a maximum daily loss limit to safeguard your assets and reduce risk.

  • Trail Daily: Optimize your trading strategy with the Trail Daily option. SafetyGuard allows you to adjust your profit targets dynamically, ensuring you capture the maximum gains while minimizing losses.

  • Modes: Choose from three distinct modes to suit your trading style:

    • Long: Ideal for traders focused on bullish positions.
    • Short: Tailored for those looking to profit from bearish market movements.
    • Normal: A balanced mode suitable for a variety of trading strategies.
  • Count Unrealized On/Off: Customize your experience by toggling the Count Unrealized feature on or off. This feature enables you to include or exclude unrealized gains and losses when calculating your daily limits and stop losses.

With SafetyGuard at your side, you'll have the confidence to execute your trading plans with precision. Say goodbye to impulsive decisions and hello to a disciplined approach that can help you achieve your financial goals.