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The NeuAlgo System now Automated

01 / Ninjatrader 8

The NeuAlgo System was built for the Ninjatrader 8 platform - using the high end "tick by tick" data typical for the Futures market. 

02 / Markets

We trade the NeuAlgo System in the Futures, Forex, Stocks, and Crypto markets. The system was designed for "visually efficient" manual trading regardless of the market you trade! We trade specific patterns that take place in all markets and in most all timeframes.


03 / Discord

We provide a discord server with a big community full of people sharing their experience and strategies, join us for free and check out for yourself if NeuAlgo suits you!


$99 USD Monthly Subscription
Save money on quarterly subscription: $199

Advanced System

The NeuAlgo System is the PERFECT system to use for Prop Firm challenge or live account trading. I built this system for the active retail trader or those trading FX or Futures prop firm accounts. The system design is based on visual efficiency when trading fast markets... with automated signals and audible alerts!

Extensive Training

Included with the NeuAlgo System, you will have access to an extensive range of training. The training includes in depth chart set up instruction, instruments & timeframes, primary & secondary trade set ups, quick scalping set ups, support & resistance tracking, and critical market context understanding. We also include access to the NeuAlgo Discord room! 

18 Years Fulltime Trading

I designed and built the NeuAlgo System for the active trader - using my 18 years of trading and system building experience. I looked at some of the most popular "algo" based systems in the trading realm and built something BETTER! We are just getting warmed up with the deployment of the NeuAlgo System and more great features are planned!!!